Fun fact; for that previous two-page-decapitation-spread I asked a chef/butcher/martial artist as to what would be the best sound for beheading somebody – and how many blows it might take. I even had two friends act out the scene – one stood nervously as the draugr, while the other pretended to chop his head off.

This online page is another one that is different from it’s printed companion; with the exception of the first panel, everything has been flipped! Which is a bit strange given that this is what I initially had drawn in my thumbnails (and then for some reason, changed it. And now I’ve changed it back). I don’t think it’s clear enough that he’s kneeling beside the draugr’s head, so if for some strange reason I did feel the need to redo the story (nopenopenope) this would be one page I’d definitely want to edit.