A woman near a thatched roof house, dwarfed by a deep forest, building a fence for her peccaries.
Wolf Neighbours is a spooky sword and sorcery comic set on the edge of civilisation. Two quiet farmers, each with their own secrets, encounter something strange and dangerous in the swampy woods north of their homes… and that’s just the beginning.

Wolf Neighbours, written and drawn by Shel Kahn, will be launching soon, here on Weald Comics. Sign up for Shel’s mailing list to hear the second it launches!

Wolf Neighbours was born in the pages of Worlds Without Master, an adventure fiction and gaming magazine with a preference for inclusive and smart sword and sorcery content. Thanks to the support it found there, it’s grown into a full fledged graphic novel-length story, and it will be serialized weekly right here!

The main characters of Wolf Neighbours are:

  • Gove, a young woman starting her first farm on the edge of town;
  • Miter, a middle aged farmer with some well-earned scars; and
  • Yaska, the focused and professional head of the trail guard.

This comic wouldn’t exist without the support of Shel’s Patreon backers. If you want behind the scenes development art, first access to finished pages and much, much more, you’ll want to check that out right away!

Lineup of six character designs for Wolf Neighbours