Click Here To Read ComicsLomy in the Abyss is a webcomic about highschool, family, and how heavy metal is the cause of – and solution to – all life’s problems!

Lomina – Lomy to her friends – is in her second last year of highschool, and she’s hungry for adventure, drama, and fast songs about dragons! She’s used to being the only metalhead at school, but when Louis shows up with headphones blaring in class, Lomy embarks on a quest to prove that loving metal is the key to everything she’s looking for in life.

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Jason Jeffords Jr, at Multiversity Comics, writes:

The story isn’t some grandiose plot of good versus evil or a hero’s journey. Instead, it’s about Lomy trying to get close to a new fellow Metalhead (Louis) arriving at her school. Nonetheless, if we’re being honest, that struggle is grandiose in itself. … For a Webcomic that just started, I cannot wait to keep up with it each update.