Weald Comics

Weald Comics is home to spooky stories, fantastic adventures, and eldritch mysteries.

We are a collective of fantasy-loving cartoonists, each bringing the reader to new worlds written in the tradition of Icelandic sagas, pulp fiction, and folklore; we specialize in short stories, serial narratives and cautionary tales.

Weald currently presents stories by Kris Sayer, an illustrator and videogame designer, and Shel Kahn, an illustrator and concept designer. Both of them are happy to hear from you regarding their work at their personal emails.

Weald Comics published its first print issue, a double issue featuring chapter 1 of Kris Sayer’s Tatterhood, and Rachel Kahn’s Orin and the Dead Man’s Sword. We debuted it at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 10-11, 2014, and the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival on May 24-25, 2014.

Now Weald is publishing its second issue, Sidequests, another flip-style double issue (two covers? yes please!). Sidequests shares short vignettes from both the worlds introduced in our first issue, containing  recent short comics work from both Kris and Rachel. Crack open a copy to see monsters both human and otherwise, flying axes, swinging spoons, sassy goats, spooked peccaries and several dangerous women living deep within the forests of their fantasy worlds. Sidequests will be making its debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 14-15, 2016 and the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival on May 21-22, 2016.

For news, updates and process work, please check out the Weald tumblr! We run the comics on there as well. The Weald team adores fanart and cosplay, and we love answering questions. Or vaguely not-really-answering, as the case may be.

As a final note, while none of the stories have explicit sexual scenes, they may have frightening situations and explicit gore.*

*Especially if corpses are mentioned in the title.**
**Corpse-related stories may also incur temporary existential angst.

Please peruse a sample of our catalogue below and let us know what you think!

nameless cover corpsedoor_cover Orin and the Dead Man's Sword By Crom Zine Cover The Collected By Crom! Cover Full Colour Cromulence