Weald #1: Double IssueWeald #1 - Double Issue
Featuring stories by Kris Sayer and Rachel Kahn
Self Published
8×10.5”, SC, 54 pages, b&w
Released May 9, 2014

Weald #1 is a double dose of strange magic in dark places. The authors bring you two uncanny stories bound head-to-toe in a tête-bêche book with two covers. Sayer’s Tatterhood: Unwanted Visitors is the first chapter in an ongoing viking-age comic epic rooted in Norse mythology, Norwegian fairy tales and giant spoon fighting; Kahn’s Orin and the Dead Man’s Sword follows the protagonist on a wordless journey through a primeval forest whose darkened paths and deep waters hide secrets more ancient still.

Weald #1 was released May 9th 2014, and launched at TCAF and VanCAF. And hey, you can purchase a printed-copy now!

Weald #2  was launched at TCAF and VanCAF 2016, and will soon be up online! For now you can read selected stories from this issue – Adin and the Dead Man’s Sword, and Gruff!