Wolf Neighbours LogoWolf Neighbours is the story of two outsider farmers, trying to understand and defend themselves and their home from mysterious new magics, set in the world of Orin and the Dead Man’s Sword.

Gove and Miter live on the edge of society, where they are well positioned to see what new strange things are walking out of the forest and into human company.  But the more they try to solve the mysteries around them, the more they learn that what they took for granted as normal life has been hiding some enormous secrets.

Wolf Neighbours is now running every three months in Worlds Without Master, an adventure fiction and gaming magazine with a preference for inclusive and smart sword and sorcery content. Wolf Neighbours will not be serialized on Weald at this time, but preview pages from each chapter will go up whenever they are published in WWM, and character information will be here. You’re welcome to have discussion around each chapter in the comments thread underneath the page, and any news regarding the comic will be here!

Gove and MiterThe main characters of Wolf Neighbours are Gove, proud farmer of a large herd of northern swamp peccaries, and Miter, shepherd of a family of woodland muskoxen. I’ll share more about them and their world as further chapters reveal more details!