Tatterhood: Unwanted Visitors

Tatterhood is an ongoing viking-age comic epic rooted in Norse mythology, Norwegian fairy tales and giant spoon fighting, written and illustrated by Kris Sayer.

Unwanted Visitors is the first chapter in this graphic novel that starts off with a viking-raid on the English coast and takes the reader through battles, questionable transformations and eventually over-sized wooden cutlery combat. And while the story is far from finished, a peak preview of what happens in the future can be read in Chapter 9. Tatterhood also stars in Trolls and her world is featured throughout Sidequests. Oh, and then there’s Taterhood

Tatterhood is a on-going comic inspired by fairy tales collected by Asbjørnsen and Moe (like The Three Billy Goats Gruff) and also historical events (the tale itself starts in 1000CE). This sometimes dark-and-gritty, sometimes light-and-silly graphic novel promises adventure that follows quirky and mythical characters, hoping to be fitting of a Scandinavian (spoon) saga.

Chapter 1 (Unwanted Visitors) will run on Weald Comics, updating every Tuesday (Thursdays for now when Gruff is being update) It is also half of Weald’s first print endeavour, Weald #1, which launched at TCAF and VanCAF in May.