Tatterhood: Unwanted Visitors

Tatterhood is an ongoing viking-age comic epic rooted in Norse mythology, Norwegian fairy tales and giant spoon fighting, written and illustrated by Kris Sayer.

Tatterhood is a on-going comic inspired by fairy tales collected by Asbjørnsen and Moe (like The Three Billy Goats Gruff) and also historical events (the tale itself starts in 1000CE). This sometimes dark-and-gritty, sometimes light-and-silly graphic novel promises adventure that follows quirky and mythical characters, hoping to be fitting of a Scandinavian (spoon) saga.

The comic is currently being re-written, although it has two published sections (that both need to be redone!). Unwanted Visitors is the first chapter in this graphic novel that starts off with a raid on the English coast and takes the reader through battles, questionable transformations and eventually over-sized wooden cutlery combat. Then there is a peak preview of what happens in the future in Chapter 9 – but again, both of these sections are being rewritten, redrawn, ‘reresearched!’ Tatterhood also stars in Trolls and her world is featured throughout Sidequests. Oh, and then there’s Taterhood