Nameless TogetherNameless is a short autobiographical comic written and illustrated by Kris Sayer inspired by events in 2009

The idea for Nameless came to Sayer in May 2009, a few weeks before she was schedule to undergo wrist surgery. She had been living with a painful ganglion cyst on her right wrist for a few years, and after a few temporary treatments that saw the cyst return, the decisions was made to undergo a “mini-open wide awake excision.”

Despite the surgery being minor, the idea of it was unnerving to Sayer, especially because it meant her right hand (used for art and all things crafty) would be out of commission for a while – and in a worse cause scenario, would come out more damaged. So ‘hands’ were on her mind a lot.

Nameless One night as she and her husband got ready for bed, she noticed a type of non-verbal communication going on between themselves; one done with the hands. What sparked the comic idea was the sweetness she discovered when he husband held her hand lying beside her.

It took her three years (the shame!) of working on-and-off (and restarting) the comic before it was completed. She drew a lot of hands in that time. We promise if you get a printed copy of it, it will take less than three years to reach you.