The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is THIS WEEKEND!! May 19-20, 10am-5pm, at the Roundhouse. VanCaf! VANCAF!! #VanCaf!!! Free, fun, full of comics – like The Corpse Door!

And it’ll be your last chance to grab some of Sayer’s spoopy-viking-trolly-fighting-horror-swordsie comics in person. VanCAF is Kris’ last show before going on a big ol’ years-long travel trek, so come on out to get Corpse Door, Trolls, Nameless, Blood in Their Mouths and MORE, while you still can!

Three previous variation of Corpse Door are up on Weald Comics, but this one, number four (once more, with feeling) is by far the best. And is only available right now in print! SO pop over to Vancouver and head to VanCAF, table G2, to pick one up this weekend!! (…or get one online if that’s a tad far for you right now)