When it comes to the undead – be it zombies, vampires, draugar – if you don’t kill them in a very specific way, they’ll keep coming back. So while it may seem like a quick spear-jab made our draugr die-and-disappear, this is only page 7; you know he’ll be back. The “correct” way to ‘kill’ a draugr can be as simple as reburying them properly on sacred ground – or as complex as having the right weapon/hero, who has to chop off their head, burn everything to ash, and scatter the ashes in the sea.

In the first version of this tale, the draugr magically summounded up gifts, trying to bribe his way back into the house. In versions 2, he takes off everything of value and leaves it as an offering. In the third rendition, he takes off (even more lavish) valuable items and promises to even be back with a sword ($$$). For all three cases, he just…walks away. (He was a very optimistic, trusting draugr).

Not this time. He just wants the DOOR opened! Shesh. And now he got speared. Great.