Draugar are the undead – whose description and abilities vary in different sagas and folklore (…though the one thing in common is that they’re all dead). They can have great strength, immense weight, shape-shifting powers, future-sight, can come in a variety of colours and stenches, and can kill people/animals in a multitude of different ways – including but not limited to causing death-resulting-insanity and consuming victims whole!

For Version 4 of my tale I gave the draugr the ability to walk through (some) structures (such as his barrow). Draugar can be undeadly-motivated by a longing for the things they once experienced in life, or thinking that they are actually still alive – and at lot of the time this causes draugar to be very jealous and violent. I like this idea – and to try to make an undead creature we have some sympathy for – so I made my draugr have a “need” to return home, to get out of the “cold.”

He dead. He can’t feel cold.